40 Years of Celebrity Magazine - 300 Issues!


Celebrity, The Magazine of Celebrity Centre International, Hollywood, California

Celebrity is valued for its monthly interviews with celebrities from all the arts; actors, musicians, writers.... Celebrities like John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Priscilla Presley, Stanley Clarke, and others are featured in the long-running and popular magazine.

Each issue also contains an LRH article for artists.

A very well-preserved collection in excellent condition.

The collection includes the rare, 1973 premiere and over 300 issues through 2013.

Find this set at TechLibrary only and less than $3/issue.

The TechLibrary Periodicals Collections

In the mid-80’s TechLibrary began collecting the periodicals published by the Church of Scientology and its various Organizations. Over the years, we stockpiled over 100,000 periodicals dating back to 1950.

We recently assembled complete collections of periodicals and, for the first time, these sets are available for sale.

Because of the abundance from which we could choose, the periodicals offered here were hand-picked for the best quality and the least use. In fact, a surprising number look as if they are fresh off the press.

Scientology periodicals occasionally appear for sale online but only in small quantities of random issues—never complete sets. So, full sets such as these offered here are a rarity.

With limited numbers of sets, once sold, they will likely not appear again.

For collectors, periodicals hold a significant place in their collections. This is because the periodicals record the history of events, names, and dates in the development of the Bridge and Scientology Organizations. Also, if you ever took a course or completed a service, your name is in your Organization’s periodical.

Each issue also contains a technical article by LRH which was chosen for that particular Organization’s public. For example, Advance! contains LRH articles for OT’s; Celebrity has LRH articles for artists.

The periodicals collections have important technical value beyond that, too, due to some of LRH’s writings never making it to print otherwise.


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